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Along with Pixel 6, Google made its debut in smartphone chipset manufacturing. It also introduced some innovative features like the Magic Eraser Tool that accompanies one of the most versatile camera systems on a smartphone. However, soon after the device was released, users started complaining about certain issues including screen flickering and residual light on the screen. While Google did address some of the early issues, Google Pixel 6 users are again taking on several online platforms to report about the malfunctioning of several features in the smartphone. 

Google has recently rolled out the December 2021 update for Pixel smartphones. While the company says that the update fixes some issues and bugs with the previous built, users seem to disagree. Users are now reporting issues with the auto-rotation sensor on the device. Additionally, a report by Android Police also says that the sensors on Google Pixel 6 devices are not returning data or are unable to comprehend the data provided by sensors such as gyroscope, accelerometer the on device compass. Building upon the number of bug fixes introduced with the December update, the report also says the Google Pixel 6 is one of the most bug-prone devices launched in a while. 

Google Pixel 6 users facing several issues

  • The camera rotation on the Google Pixel 6 devices does not seem to work properly after the December update. According to a Reddit user adrearystar, “Normally I have auto-rotate turned off but when I take landscape photos they should still automatically come out as landscape, but now after the update, my camera wouldn’t automatically rotate to come out with landscape photos.” Several other users are also facing the same issue. 
  • Navigation applications such as Google Maps is not able to detect the right direction as the smartphone fails to read the data provided by the compass onboard. 
  • The smartphone is unable to distinguish between its horizontal and vertical alignment. 

These were not only reported on Reddit users but they are also reported on the Google Support Forums. A user Sam Ramsey 2651 says on the forum that after installing the December update, the accelerometer and the gyroscope seem to be malfunctioning. The user also tried installing a third-party application to find out that the sensors stop working and resume only upon restarting the smartphone. While these issues seem to be present on a significant number of devices, Google has not acknowledged the issues yet. 



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