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The smartphone market is saturated and innovation is the key for each manufacturer to stand out in the competition. Besides Apple and Samsung, Chinese OEMs have been at the forefront of innovation, and one of them is OPPO, which is leading the charge with innovations in optics and fast charging technologies. In its dedicated approach, through the years, OPPO has been ahead of the curve owing to its focus on R&D and commitment to excellence, which has especially found brand loyalists in millennials and young adults.

Despite this progressive image, not all is as exciting as meets the eye. Just like the other manufacturers, OPPO also cuts corners after all the innovative and consumer-centric methods in its assembly lines. Therefore, before committing to an OPPO smartphone you must weigh the following pros and cons and then make an informed decision.

5. Pro: Earnest brand name

As a company that started off its technology journey with manufacturing machines that played Blu-rays and digital MP3s, OPPO has come a long way. It is now a regular feature in the top five biggest smartphone developers globally (via: Counterpoint), this without a stake in the US market. After making a strong footing in the home market, OPPO made immense inroads in India to become a regular in the top five biggest smartphone sellers in the nation (via: IDC).

Having aced the Asian market, OPPO’s journey continues to be extraordinary. It’s now making its presence internationally, offering customers in Australia, UK, and Europe great handsets that boast innovative features and stable hardware, software integration. OPPO has built an image where the brand’s stylish phones, impressive cameras, and fast charging options make them a popular choice for customers longing for feature-rich phones at a reasonable price.

4. Pro: Impressive optics is a forte


Known best for its innovation in mobile imaging sensors, OPPO has pioneered numerous camera technologies. To its credit is the first-ever under-screen camera, motorized camera (OPPO N1, shown in the video below), AI-beautification feature, and even 10x hybrid zoom camera. In the market where being different is hard to achieve, OPPO has managed to deliver customers a different flavor with its mobile cameras.

The Chinese OEM has never shied away from being vocal; from telling consumers about its camera capabilities to “Capture the Real You.” This approach has propelled OPPO into a space where it has cut out a niche for itself that it is growing with its consistent bent for innovation.

OPPO has developed mid-range smartphones with camera capabilities to match that of the flagships, and the company continues to innovate at an accelerating pace. Latest in the direction is the company’s MariSilicon X chip that separates the tasks of an ISP (image signal processor) and an NPU (neural processing unit) from the SoC to enhance the camera’s AI abilities, better handle RBGW colors, process RAW images in real-time, and do a lot more to help improve on OPPO phone cameras significantly.

3. Pro: Knows customers well

Long battery life and good processor have been the most desired smartphone features but the growing fad – in young adults – for documenting their lives on social media platforms has propelled better camera as the third most important feature to determine smartphone selection. This is why mobile camera innovation is a prime focus for OPPO.

The company understands its target customers and with young …….


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